Adding aurelia-breeze to aurelia-cli project

Tried to add aurelia-breeze to a aurelia-cli 1.3.1 project (esnext, built-in bundler and systemjs module loader)

Adding the statement aurelia.use.plugin(‘aurelia-breeze’) to main.js and executing au run --auto-install installs aurelia-breeze@2.2.0 and breeze-client@1.7.2.

Starting the project fails with the following error:

system.js:4 GET http://localhost:9000/breeze-client/breeze.debug 404 (Not Found)

Any help or instructions on how to install and use the aurelia-breeze plugin are welcome

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I tried, found out breeze-client v1 has strange UMD header (contain two define() calls) which confused cli-bundler. Maybe you can ask aurelia-breeze author to upgrade depended breeze-client to v2.

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