Adding new client libraries with CLI and Webpack

Having just completed my first Aurelia project using the CLI for a big client (just went live last week!), I am familiar with the process of adding a new client library by adding it to the aurelia.json file.

Now I am starting my next project, and this time I thought I’d try the new CLI + Webpack option. What is the new process for doing this? Is adding the library to aurelia.json still required?

I did refer to the Aurelia docs, but they had instructions that do no apply (ex: “au install breeze-client”, which I found out does not apply for Webpack).

I may have some sample code for you within a day or two - will ping you here if I get it done on time

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@JordanMarr: as soon I wrote my first response to your question, I discovered that I spoke too soon. The samples I have are not the samples you need, as mine are based on Aurelia Webpack 1.x, version that will soon be replaced. As I do not really know how soon is “soon”, I just created a bit of a mess with my response.