Ag-Grid with Aurelia

I am currently using ag-grid-aurelia for a production application. We are looking into upgrading all of our third-party UI tools, and I see that ag-grid-aurelia is deprecated. It says to see ag-grid for information on how to integrate aurelia and ag-grid. A search on for aurelia returns nothing.

Has anyone been able to get ag-grid working with aurelia without using ag-grid-aurelia?

Looks like it did exist in the mono repo:

That was version b21.1.0 the folder was missing in all versions following that, I haven’t found the commit that removed it yet.

This seema to coincide with the last release on npm

This won’t help you in any way with ag-grid, but if you are interested, here is a different appraoch to data-grid: GitHub - Sayan751/au2-data-grid (shameless plug in alert! :slight_smile:). I have not yet published the package, as there are some loose ends to tie, but the functionalities are there. If you are interested, you can take a look at the examples.

That is disappointing to see the link between ag-grid and aurelia has been removed - our users are very happy with the features of ag-grid and I really enjoy working with aurelia.

Glad to see there will be a data-grid available for au2. I will take a look. Thanks!

Ag-grid Aurelia is not officially supported, but I also use it in production and have commit rights to the repository. They only had a handful of paying customers using it and it wasn’t worth the trouble to keep it updated and documented. I would have done the same in their position.

Once Aurelia 2 is released, (if ever), I will look at creating an AU2 version of the plugin.


@codekimmiestry Currently I have a own variant in our codebase that works atleast till version 25. I still have to upgrade to the current (last) version v27.x.x.