AU2 - debugging data binding - dev time and/or runtime?

Is it possible/easy to debug my data bindings in Aurelia at runtime?

9 years ago or so Silverlight got this ability to debug bindings in the rich Visual Studio IDE.

Wondering how/if we can do the same with AU2 and maybe Chrome DevTools? If so, any pointers?

A related question - will any IDE support debugging Aurelia bindings at dev/compile time? e.g. ensure that all my bindings would pass TypeScript scrutiny against whatever my component class exposes?

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Take a look at:


EDIT: I haven’t tested these with V2 though, as it’s still in pre-alpha

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Thanks. Ideally I’d get to do source level debugging from within the IDE (Webstorm supports this for Angular, for example).

However, if there’s a chrome extension which will work with AU2 that provides a pleasant AU2 debug experience that would work too.

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We do have plan to cover this, at least @fkleuver is working around the foundation for this. But this will only prioritized at a later point. Maybe @fkleuver can chime in

Source level debugging of binding expressions will come together with AOT, which will probably be done after the core framework is more or less production ready. We’ll also introduce exhaustive trace logging further down the road so you can see how data flows through bindings without debugging (handy for some production scenarios, for example).

There are also plans for a chrome extension that allows you to deep inspect app state in a live au2 app.

However, for the time being, using lifecycles and change handlers with log points and/or breakpoints are probably your best bet for gaining insights into app data flow

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