Debug Aurelia with Visual Studio 2017

Hi all ,

i would like to know if it’s possible to debug Aurelia with ASP.Net Core runtime on Visual Studio2017?
For example with the common button like F9, F10, F11…

For the moment i debug the aurelia project with “Console.log” of the brower or “Window.Alert” with simple messages that rappresent data.


Yes. Use the Microsoft SPA templates to set up the Aurelia project( There are later templates available and some work other don’t dependent on machine, NodeJS/NPM version installed. The screenshot shows debugging (using Visual Studio 2017 Community) setting up routes read from a database in an Aurelia app.ts file.

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I was able to get the in editor debugging/setting breakpoints for VS Code working using the Dotnet SPA templates you can install, which I believe should work as well in VS2017.

I have yet to be able to get the aurelia cli created projects (webpack/typescript) to work and still have to go to the browser for setting breakpoints do to what appears to be source map issues.

The only aurelia cli project I could get to work properly was compiled using RequireJS and TypeScript. Watch out for NodeJS and npm messing up projects when changing things. There could be a great deal of manual work required to get it working with all the possible options. Suggest focusing on Net Core instead but just in case be prepared (ie zip up the project regularly and backup) for everything to break if planning upgrading any of the packages…