[au2] router issues

Giving au2 a go, I’m experiencing a number issues with router (@aurelia/router).
While the entire Aurelia 2 experience is pretty smooth so far, the router feels very alpha. Am I just unlucky, or is it a no-go for now?

Has any of you built something serious around @aurelia/router? Anything more complex than just a hello world? What are your feelings? I need to decide whether to go with it and hope for the best or go back to Au1 …

  1. (Just reported) load attribute is broken when used with id & parameters.bind .
    Details: Router load attribute: broken when using id & parameters.bind · Issue #1902 · aurelia/aurelia · GitHub

  2. Recently figured out: the docs were wrong all the time about load parameter names:
    Details: a load is completely broken - AUR0707:route,load · Issue #1835 · aurelia/aurelia · GitHub

  3. When navigating back, router redirects to home (I’m trying to figure out how to reproduce it)

Hi, @migajek!

I know of several apps that successfully use the router in production (two of which are quite extensive) so it’s definitely more than just hello world capable.

There is however currently a few issues that I haven’t been able to close yet due to a devastating family situation. The good news is that I’m back again and the work with catching up on and fixing the issues has already started.

But even if you can’t wait for the issues to be sorted, maybe don’t abandon Aurelia 2 until you’ve checked whether router-lite can do what you require.

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Hi @jwx, first of all - sorry to hear about the family situation. Hope it sorts out for you.

I’m not willing to drop aurelia until there’s no other option left. I haven’t tried router lite yet, will look into how much effort I need to drop it as a replacement for now. Luckily I have a couple of weeks left before the PoC I’m doing transitions into MVP I need to show to the client - hope by the time there will be some updates or at least workarounds for the issues.

Will also try to provide a reproduction code of the other issue I had - links generated in an invalid manner.