AUCS - search for a good enough home

I would like to hear people’s opinion on the website that will act as a simplest possible container for the various documents (tutorials with samples, mostly, but also articles about Aurelia application architecture, rich collection of information about Aurelia application Identity Management - aka Authentication and Authorization, CI-CD, etc).

Having the goal of meeting site at some point and knowing that Aurelia website is gh-pages based it seems pretty obvious to host the Aurelia Community website at Github as well.

Here are a few issues to discuss though, given that here are several documents that would fit into Aurelia Community website right away, which are formatted as Gitbook books. This packaging enables a very simple website that hosts all these books. The good example is the Aurelia Kendo UI Bridge website, which has its documentation section implemented as iframe, providing direct access to the documentation from the website menu as well as via gitbook: kendoui-bridge-docs.

  • create the website using jekyll
  • roll minimal website written in Aurelia and host as gh-pages
  • something else

Opinions / comments, please

Just now seeing this, sorry. Where are the Aurelia Guides gh-pages? And are they open to this kind of help?

I don’t think it’s worth investing time to doing anything temporarily. It’ll eventually need to be removed, link references will break, search engine indexes go cray, people get confused…

gh-pages is one of the free GitHub services. jekyll** is very oftten use website template - particularly in the context of gh-pages. The site is an example of a website hosted at gh-pages that is built as an aurelia web app.

I plan to show a prototype of what might be an easy project to do. There is nothing temporary in this - other than the content we create might migrate to [aurelia](] site, which is the idea behind our commuity project, by the way.

Sorry, I should have been more clear. I know what gh-pages are. I just can’t find Aurelia’s gh-pages. I looked earlier today and couldn’t find them. Where’s the repo that contains the Guides?

@alexdresko: aurelia this website is an instance of gh-pages based website