AUCS - ready to make first few baby steps

Aurelia Users Community Space members invitation

Based on people’s feedback to several AUCS articles, I invited the following gentlemen:

as members of the newly created GitHub organization aurelia-community which will be the home of all our future projects. While not all invited folks stated irresistible urge to collaborate in the AUCS tasks, I included everyone who did not respond with a “get lost” comment.

There are several people that I was not able to “find” at GitHub

@frankmonroe, @Dave - please let me know your GitHub ID, so I can invite you (if you do not have GitHub account, please create it and leave it in your response to this post

Initial content description

The just created GitHub organization aurelia-community currently consists of a few repositories

  1. is the gh-pages hosted website that will eventually be the home for our finished projects (documents, samples). The few pieces of information about this website are written as the GitHub task named Build the website

  2. CLI-compendium is the home for our first project AUCS - proposal for the first task, a few details of which are mentioned here.

  3. community-wide-collaboration repository will be used “without any code” - it will be the container for all discussions that are global for our specific projects. At the moment, it containes a single article - On Aurelia Community organization, which is not current any more - expect “dramatic” changes soon.

Initial tasks

In order to maintain the momentum, I am publishing this post way too early, so please do not mind some of the missing data, difficult to parse paragraphs, etc. My key focus was to create a rudimentary home for our collaboration in GitHub and to sketch the website that will host our products (this website is completely useless, and the few files stored there are the basis for the real development work - to be defined in Start writing the real Aurelia web app (this will be my next immediate task to take on).

Important note: Fleshing out the basic website is clearly the first thing to do. Initially, my plan was to do it myself, but in the interest of getting this off the ground sooner, I am better off writing more definitions of what to do, creating polls to define the list of categories and deliverables in each category, etc.

You can find this same information here

Until we define the proper protocol for comments and questions in GitHub (such protocol is needed to maximize readability of the GitHub resident article), please feel free to ask and comment anything related to this topic as replys to it.

GitHub ID is fmonroe

My GitHub is vorgang

I believe that I provided enough initial information and context to start with building this website - which is created to be as similar to Aurelia site to make the future transfer of the information intuitive - while not making a straight copy of the original. Use GAG - ready to make first few baby steps as initial guidance to find your way in related GitHub article.

I don’t mean to be discouraging, but please reconsider the name of this initiative. This is for several reasons:

  • “gag” is what people do to dislodge something from their throat or induce vomiting, similar to wretching
  • “gag” can also mean joke or prank
  • “get ___ great” has akward grammar, doesn’t feel like common syntax
  • the phrase is somewhat similar to the “Make America great again” slogan, which has dubious merit

Otherwise, best of luck with this initiative, and thanks for bolstering the Aurelia community! :slight_smile:


Great message, very relevant, full of concern and constructive. I will act on it immediately.


Nikolaj Ivancic

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I do agree with @brylie for the name, at first when I saw it, I was like, hmm what does it stand for… I think it doesn’t need to be an acronym, we can surely find a better name together (the community) that won’t have weird meanings or can be used against us : slight_smile:

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So, this makes all three of us agree - changing the name from the silly string GAG to a lot more meaningful AUCS (Aurelia Users Community Space). In my opinion the remaining collisions are pretty innocent and unlikely to cause confusion

I will wait for a day or two to hear any remaining objections.

Thanks for this feedback, @marcandre.roy and @brylie.

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