Aurelia 2 - customize build process?

Hi guys,

Is there a standard way to customize build process for Aurelia 2, as there was a case with Aurelia 1 by using aurelia_project/tasks and aurelia.json project file? So far, trying a new project with aurelia@2.0.0-beta.2 and parceljs, I can’t find any customization entry point.

Some of the things I am using in Aurelia v1:

  1. use Index.cshtml (ASP.NET MVC), instead of index.html
  2. control if bundle files are suffixed or not.
  3. have separate pipeline to build scss (or parts of it).
  4. add additional file-copy commands
  5. Customize the way certain packages are bundled. For example, @popperjs/core requires custom configuration, due to non-standard output in dist folder:
     "name": "@popperjs/core",
     "path": "../node_modules/@popperjs/core",
     "main": "dist/esm/index.js"