New Aurelia Application

Hi all,

I am thinking of starting a new Aurelia project and was wondering if there are any considerations I should make that would ease the transition to Aurelia2. I thought about starting to use the pre-alpha of Aurelia2 but not being a very experienced js developer I didn’t want to complicate an already steep learning curve.

Any suggestions?

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The problem with Aurelia 2 as it is today is the lack of the common plugins, such as routing, store, etc.
I’m not sure how best to config your v1 app “in preparation for migration to v2” though, maybe someone from the team will be able to give us some pointers. I have always got generic answers like the migration path will be made as easy as possible.

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My personal suggestions would be:

  • Stick with Au1 for production ready apps
  • Scaffold your project with Aurelia CLI as that keeps most important parts in place
  • Chose the built-in aurelia bundler with either requirejs or systemjs as Webpack, while more modern, will impose a few additional complications like PLATFORM.moduleName spread all over your code base
  • Name your custom elements already in a spec compliant manner, that means they have to contain a dash (e.g instead helloworld -> hello-world --> class HelloWorld)
  • Refrain from using private APIs (granted this is rarely the case people do this)
  • Keep your custom valueconverters and bindingbehaviours, if you have them, clearly separated in a dedicated area for easier customization.

Those suggestions apply for every project even if you do not intend to move to au2 so it shouldn’t be of any harm.


Thanks for the suggestions, that helps me out

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