Aurelia 2 docs (so far)

I finally got around to reading the documentation and I read most of it word for word, so far I must say good job! I know they aren’t complete. As someone that has to produce docs for an SDK that my team distributes I know the hard work and often thankless nature of it. Hopefully people take the time to actually read first before asking questions (something that my consumers don’t do).

If I or anyone critiques the docs or samples, please don’t take offense. If something is lacking or unclear to someone it may be due to the content and not the persons overall knowledge. Also If it is unclear to one person it may be unclear to many. I personally want to make Aurelia 2 the best framework it can be and unfortunately with my work and life balance, the best I can do is provide feedback.

I hope those making blog posts about Aurelia go further than just rehashing things that can be found in the docs. We as a community need more than rehashes of Hello World.

The docs should have a section that links to outside articles. Allow others to add their “unofficial” stuff to this with the caveat that it is not official and may not be correct. The docs team shouldn’t spend much time curating this other than checking that the link is valid. Obviously it should be on the content creator to submit their stuff.


Certainly a good idea. Now with the Docs on gitbook its also quite easy to make a PR straight from the browser. So as a simple step, whenever someone helps you out or you see something unclear, just hit the edit Button and propose your change