Aurelia 2 docs for dummies

For an upcoming big project it would make sense to use a frontend framework for some/many parts. I have been following au2 since last summer because it was ‘soon to be released’.

I have zero experience with Aurelia (or other modern frontend framework) and i would like to follow some au v2 tutorials to get familiar with it. But the QuickStart docs show many blank pages.

I would find it a massive help to have several docs/tutorials about creating new au2 projects or enhancing existing serverside rendered webapplications.

Are there any (unofficial) au2 docs for beginners out there?

For context:
I’m a backend dev that is pretty comfortable banging out webapps using .net mvc/jQuery (i know, that’s so 2010).


I just found this link to a similar question here.

I’m hoping things have changed a bit in the last 10 months. Or is “just use v1” still the recommended approach?

Maybe this one is what you search for: Aurelia 2 book

Thanks for the link. I’ll scan de sample pages and the TOC to determine if it contains the info i’m interested in.

If you are a beginner to Aurelia and other frontend frameworks, I would first like to say welcome to Aurelia. I also have a background in .Net/MVC and even ASP.Net Forms. I find Aurelia really easy to apply to my previous skills so it is a good choice. I personally would argue that you can start using current version of Aurelia. A lot or most things will be very similar once v2 i out. Some people might argue that you should start with v2, but if you are a beginner I think it is easier to start with v1 since it has a lot of examples and documentation.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

For now i have pauzed my Aurelia (and SPA) research and decided to focus on other frameworks which seem smaller and easier to start with when enhancing existing projects with serverside rendered markup. For example:

  1. Unpoly
  2. Htmx
  3. AlpineJs

Best regards

That’s a pity! Coming from .NET background you would have enjoyed Aurelia2 a lot.

The core team is trying to push more docs for Aurelia2. However, both Aurelia1 and Aurelia2 are very similar in terms of templating syntax. If you reconsider, then you may take a look at the Aurelia1 docs for that matter.

In addition to that you can find pretty good examples here. Refer the ‘realworld’ examples showcases involved apps.


It’s still my intention to check in on Aurelia every now and then. I have no doubt that v2 will be an awesome framework.

So when i’m really in need of a SPA in the future (and I can’t hack my way out using my deprecated/oldschool tricks) i will check out the docs and take it for a spin.