Aurelia 2 + Typescript + webpack + Yarn PNP

As I’m evaluating what I need to do to go to Aurelia 2, I’m trying to ditch as much legacy tooling as I can. I’m already using yarn 3 for my production project, but I’m using the node_modules linker still. Has anyone been successful in using yarn PNP with Aurelia 2? If so, what needs to be done to the configuration to make it work?

Can’t answer your question, but I’m looking to do the same soon, and was wondering why yarn over plain ole npm? I’ve never seen/understood the need for yarn as I’ve never had issues with the basic package manager.

I’ve just completed upgrading the tooling of our Aurelia 1 application, and moved to a monorepo.

Evaluated npm, pnpm and yarn, and we’ve landed on pnpm. Workspace tooling in pnpm just works, and can now make use of incremental builds with typescript projects. Really happy with the result.

We were using yarn 1, typescript via gulp and dumberjs. Still use dumberjs.