Aurelia + AdminLTE <body> problem [ SOLVED ]

Hi all,

There is this problem… the body take the height of the content and doesn’t fill all the screen… so the footer stay under the content and not under the page.
But if i re-size the page in anymode it go in the correct position:

Anyone know / tried AdminLTE 2.4.5?

thank you.

I haven’t tried it. But if resizing can fix it, then you can workaround by dispatching resize event on window object, somewhere in your main.js/ts:

dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('resize'));

The problem is that with aurelia the body isn’t normal and with resize doesn’t work.

i saw this:

anyone know the answer?

You need to have the following css:

html, body {
  height: 100%;
  margin: 0;

so your min-height: 100% can work

There are already these values on the css.
I resolve adding a js event…


You need to remove height: auto on your html, body elements. They are making your root elements auto height, which will create the effect you described in this topic.

i’m using Aurelia LTE… i didn’t change nothing from their css.