Aurelia and Http2

Hi all,

Is Aurelia compliance with http2 ?

Would you like to put an example if exists?

thank you a lot of your kind help,

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Hi @AndreaProgrammerIT2 - HTTP2 is an advancement of the hypertext transfer protocol. Aurelia is a javascript framework designed to help you deliver web based applications. There is no compliance aspect of HTTP2 that Aurelia needs to deliver.

Do you have a specific scenario in mind?


Hi Stuart,

thanks for the answer… for the moment i wanted only to know if it is possible, nothing else :smiley:

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you can serve aurelia with a server that supports http3, it doesn’t really matter. what might be interesting is optimizing the bundling for different protocols and helping out with setting up server push.

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Hey @AndreaProgrammerIT2 - in short, the answer to your question is ‘yes’.