Questions on Server Side Rendering vs PHP server

Hi there,

I have a small website with an old PHP codebase that I’d like to rewrite in Javascript and I am considering Aurelia for the job.
My principal requirements is to have a SEO friendly transition. The new server side rendering capabilities of Aurelia seem to make a step in that direction. However I still have questions:

1) I have to make sure that Google can all the pages as it currently does with the PHP codebase.
As I understand it, the first requested website page gets rendered on the server, shipped to the client with full html ready. From then on, the rest of rendering is handled on the client side.
Now let’s say the user follows a link to a second internal page:

  • In the PHP case, the request does a second round trip to the server. Google can index the url with associated content.
  • In the Aurelia SSR case, the client routes to the new url and generate the page itself. I suppose Google bot crawlers are capable of indexing the url the same way but I am no expert so I’d rather ask.
    I found this article explaining a javascript SEO experiment. It shows that it may depend on the framework. Aurelia was not benchmarked unfortunately, but given the underlying technologies used, which other framework does it compare to when it comes to SEO indexing ?

2) Eventually I would like to redirect old to
Can aurelia router handle permanent redirections 301?

Thank you for your insight!

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With ssr and pushstate enabled it will be just fine.
The links rendered by aurelia will not contain the hash part. So it does not matter if crawler executes javascript. And if it does not it will just follow the links like on regular site.