Aurelia based Electron app for E2E test automation

I hear several questions from people, where one can see apps that are built with Aurelia. is still one of the best opportunities to find hot new stuff, but I wanted to shamelessly self-marked a product I’m working on for my company Ranorex.

It’s called Webtestit and its a IDE specifically built for writing E2E tests. My team and I are using Aurelia to create a VSCode like experience with focus on E2E writing and help you get up and running quickly with a Java/Selenium or TypeScript/Protractor based project and automatic Browserdetection/Execution. Speaking about Protractor, it’s also a great opportunity for Aurelia, having our own custom protractor plugin available.

For the curios we’re using the following tools/plugins:

  • Aurelia CLI based TypeScript project with RequireJS
  • Monaco Editor for a great Editor experience
  • Language Server Protocol integration to support Java and TypeScript with full Intellisense
  • Aurelia Store plugin for sane state management
  • Spectron for E2E testing our own app

We’re currently running our closed beta, so if you’re interested in taking a glimpse at whats coming soon head over to our page and register for free.

But that’s not all. A companion product called Selocity, is a Chrome DevTools extension, which makes generating Selectors for E2E tests a breeze. It fully integrates with Webtestit but can also be used standalone. And the best of it is that it’s totally free.

Looking forward to see what others have created with Aurelia, so don’t be ashamed and post your great projects as well.