E2e testing - What tool are you using?

Currently Aurelia cli offers Protractor as e2e tool out of the box.
I have no experience with Protractor and having done a really simple test I’m not getting very exited about it. In one of my previous projects I worked with Webdriver.io which was not terrible to work with.

What are you using to e2e test your Aurelia apps?

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@khuongduybui Thank your reply, we have decided to also go with Cypress, even considering to add cucumber on top of it.

I currently have a pull request open adding Cypress to the Aurelia CLI. Hope it gets merged soon so more people can give Cypress a try in combination with Aurelia. My first impression of Cypress is very positive!


It even worked well in WSL (Wlinux / Ubuntu / Debian). That was a big selling point for me.

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