Aurelia binding engine documentation


I came across binding engine on stackoverflow for one of the issue I was trying to solve. On Aurelia’s website, binding engine is showed in discussion page. Where is a well known path to binding engine to read more about it?

My feedback to Aurelia’s site, is examples are not well explain and navigation is harder to find correct content you are looking for.

I found this by chance looking for something else! (How To Observe Objects In Aurelia Using The Binding Engine). If you’ve not used the Search button (click magnifying glass icon) then enter free text or advanced search may help further

Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:

I did find that post, but shouldn’t there be an official document on it?

In a perfect world yes but would soon go out of date and if the documentation is wrong might as well not have it cluttering the site. I’ve looked at some internet posts and found some examples no longer work as the dependent Node packages, builder, bundlers etc have changed. There are some books and courses (eg Pluralsight, Udema, Lynda) for basic introduction. I’m interested in VS2017 development using Net Core primarily since this IDE has stood the test of time and the Microsoft SPA templates are very good.