Feedback request: new demo site

Hi devs,

I was testing some of my changes to aurelia-binding with a local demo project. I thought it’d be helpful to repurpose my test code as a demo. It needs a lot of work, but I wanted to show it anyway for early feedback.

Check it out:


  • Would a site like this make your life easier?
  • Are there any examples you’d like to see?


  • Demos 3 ways to observe a collection.
  • Uses aurelia-ux.
  • The actual code used to power the demos is shown on the page for your convenience.
  • Interactive web console to capture output.

Known Issues

  • Deep linking into routes doesn’t work yet. Enter through the link above.
  • Not mobile friendly.

sounds good :slight_smile:
I love your console output

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Thanks! Heres the source code if you ever need to use that console:

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Thanks, probably we use it in aurelia-toolbelt. :sunglasses::grin:

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nice demos…

you didn’t disposed the subscription of the collectionObserver

Good catch. Example updated.