Advanced Tutorials/Documentation

It would be great to have advanced content and examples for the API. For instance, how do do better use of the template engine, to create things like aurelia-dialog.

Currently going to the API Documentation, show us the methods available, but nothing helpful about how to implement them.


Agreed. I know the guys are pretty busy and not sure how detailed they can get but Highcharts has a GREAT example of how an API documentation can be built well. IMHO they have the best API documentation out there. In almost every method doc there is a jsfiddle example implementation as well as clear instructions on how that class/method functions. Aurelia’s API docs are very minimal. Even adding links to the Guides page that explains its functionality and example code (and/or gist run example) would be a HUGE improvement.


Yes I use highcharts, and by looking the documentation for few minutes and checking the jsfiddle, you can confidently implement anything the api has to offer.

I do feel the Guides section is really coming along and is very easy to navigate and has lots of details with example snippets. I think the only thing there is that it tends to be missing newer features such as the new each attribute for if.bind. The API is hard to follow as it’s more the layout/structure of classes rather than documentation, which the Guides sections handles.

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The great part about our documentation is that its built from Markdown files. Most of them are in aurelia/framework others spread amongst various other repos. So If you see something missing create a PR, that would help us endlessly.

Can you tell me more about this each attribute? @rkever

I would love to contribute, but I’m still trying to figure out the new things myself before being able to put something down. For example, there is no documentation for the if/else binding, so although I know it exists, I have no ideia how the syntax should be.

Sure, see this: Else.bind documentation