Aurelia CLI browsersync and SSL for testing PWA

Hey everyone.

I’m currently trying to learn a bit more about PWA’s and for that I’ve setup my browserSync to be served via https with a self-signed SSL cert. On my Android device in the same WLAN, I’ve added my DER.crt as trusted CA. I’m now trying to access the app via https://MY-IP:9000 but constantly get the indicator that the site is untrusted. I guess as long as that is happenin serviceworkers ain’t gonna work.

Has anybody yet built something like this on top of the aurelia-cli and browser sync for serving? I’d be really greatful for any insights.

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On windows it usually mean that

  1. you need to change your hosts file with the your preferred domain for entry
  2. you need to add a sslcert and urlacl entry. Note that the certhash needs to be your certs thumbprint.
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ahh so the issue you think is me trying to access it via the ip instead of a known host? But how am I going to change the hosts on the mobile device?

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Aren’t you supposed to add those where you are hosting your app? On the other hand I am not even a noob on PWA or mobile development in general. This usually works for me in windows environment.

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From my question you can tell who’s the not-even-noob :wink: I’m on Ubuntu but thx for the hint now I know what to google next


Ok I’ve figured a way around all this self-signed SSL mambo jumbo.

When using Chrome or any Chromium like browser, I can go to the Remote DevTools section (while the device is USB connected) and inspect the SW window directly on Ubuntu.

Now switching to the settings tab I can setup a port forwarding from whatever PORT on device to the location on my PC.

And last but not least, I’ve learned that Chromium will tolerate SW testing on a domain localhost even over http. So all good now :wink: