Aurelia-Data something on the line of ember-data

I know the architect and engineer of Aurelia Framework are busy with the next version. So I don’t want to overload them with some other things.
Saying that, the greed in me tells that the genius of Rob, Jeremy Danyow and others aurelia team members can provide also a better solution for data framework to work with the backend (SQL Server, .Net core etc).
Any thought on this. As we are very well aware that this would be a great addition to it.

Ember-data: A data persistence library for Ember.js.

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My above question also comes from the fact with reference to post by @EisenbergEffect, for data library, so I want to know any thoughts or direction in that way. Thanks

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@khuzema Thanks for bringing this topic up. I’d love to have a solution for this. I’ve actually written a few ORMs in the past. It’s very complicated to come up with something that will work across the breadth of technologies. At this time, our main focus is on the core front-end scenarios. There’s so much to do there, I’m not sure we’ll be able to get around to building something like this any time soon. I think it’s a great opportunity for the community to build solutions though. We’d be happy to feature community members that build things like this on our official blog too.

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