Comparison to Vue.js

Was justing having a quick look on Vue.js to see how it compares as I’m considering it.

There was an issue but it never got anywhere.

A paragraph and a few bullet points would probably do the job. Anyone familiar with both able to take a stab?

Potentially related

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We definitely need to get a page up in the docs that talks about Aurelia compared to other frameworks. I’m wondering if anyone reading this would be interested to take a stab at a first draft. I’d be happy to work with that person to get it edited and published. Frameworks we should talk about include: React, Angular, Vue, Ember and Polymer at the least. Any others that we feel are worth mentioning?


Inferno (gold standard for framework speed) & plain javascript (to show how much work to solve the same problem)

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Svelte, since it seems to be the new cool kid on the block.

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