Aurelia Dev(s) wanted @Zalando, DE

Since there´s no job category, i´ll post it as Uncategorized. I found it interesting, that such a big company with good reputation regarding technical expertise is tagging their job offer with Aurelia at StackOverflow.


The guys from Zalando in Berlin are doing fantastic work. Especially for people interested in Webdriver/Selenium, this is a great opportunity to make the ecosystem a bit better with their free tools. Had the pleasure to talk to a few of their devs on various conferences and can definitely recommend them. I dont usually do that Public, but their OSS contributions especially around E2E testing deserve it


We are hiring for the Team I am in. I onboarded Aurelia to our Tech Radar some years ago and I’m using it since then. Unfortunately there are only 3 teams using Aurelia yet. React is still the most used library. Beside that I can say that my work at zalando is quite nice and I would recommend it to everyone. Even though Aurelia isn’t used very much^^