[Jobs] Hiring Aurelia devs in Cleveland OH, St. Louis MO, and Dallas TX

Hello fellow Aurelia fans, I recently started a new job as a senior developer on the UI/UX team at National General Insurance company. We are traditionally a .NET shop but a new group has formed that runs parallel to the core business that is able to run with more agility and freedom than traditional insurance company development. While planning our first project I pushed heavily for Aurelia on the front-end stack but in the end we ended up going with React. Fast forward to today and most of the team now dislikes React as much as I do and is going to make a move to Aurelia or Vue for the second application. Once both have had some time in the wild a winning stack will be chosen as the new standard and the losing app will be ported. The use of Aurelia is not set in stone but more developers familiar with it would help aid me in the fight for all that is good in this world.

I will come back and post job board links when they are available but feel free to hit me up before that and I may be able to get you on a fast track. The job positions are in Cleveland, OH (where I sit), St. Louis, MO (where the back-end folks sit), and Dallas, TX (a part-time team member is here). Strong senior level remote candidates may be considered, but I can’t make any promises there.

Edit: It is probably possible we could hire folks in Chicago as well.



I just happen to be looking for a remote position. Please contact me at duy@buifamily.info and we can discuss more.


Just come here to congratulate your team to move away from React :rofl: Being able to not follow the herd, means you got an intelligent team. :+1:

Also, if you need extra push because your managers are hesitated about Aurelia, I am sure @EisenbergEffect would love to help you out :smile:


Pinging @davismj so he’s got this for the new Aurelia job board he’s working on :slight_smile:


http://jobs.aurelia.io/. Post and send me the link and I’ll pin it.


Awesome. As soon as I have an official post I will put it up there. Just a heads up, the site doesn’t render well on mobile. Looks good though! It will be nice to have a good place to find Aurelia talent.


Can anyone post jobs there? We are looking for Aurelia consultants all the time :sweat_smile:


Yes, anyone can post. Please give it a try and give me your feedback. We are actively working on making this the premier source of Aurelia talent in the community, so any feedback is welcomed and appreciated. If you post a job, we’d be happy to pin it to the top for free.

If you’re serious about needing Aurelia consultants, please reach out directly to Aurelia at consulting@aurelia.io. Our mission is and has always been to make sure everyone in the community has access to all the resources they need.


Honestly, one of the main points of using aurelia, for me anyways, was the fact you DO NOT NEED to be an “aurelia developer”. The framework just gets out of your way. There is a large software development firm (unfortunately I can’t say but they are a large global firm) that needed to develop an app for us and we needed to maintain it after it was finished. The issue was they were used to angular and our team has been using aurelia for the past 3+ years. So we asked them to use aurelia. I had 1 meeting with them to demo what we’ve done with aurelia, including a huge plugin with lots of components, services, utils, etc. After that meeting, they pulled down the aurelia CLI, created an app, and installed my plugin. Just a few days later they had a demo ready to display with views, routes, forms with validation. They said they felt they had zero loss of time working with aurelia and actually said “it rocked!”. Not bad coming from an angular shop. So just keep in mind YOU DON’T NEED aurelia specific developers, just JS developers. Most of our devs were up and running within a week and almost full speed in about 3 weeks (that’s 1 avg sprint!).


This is very true, and one of the most effective pitches I’ve made to the team. I’ve been using Aurelia since 2015 and I’ve never felt like I’ve actually “written an Aurelia app.” It is all just standard web stuff.

My motives for hiring the fabled “Aurelia Developer” are purely political. Being still somewhat new to the company I could easily hire a bunch of solid JS devs that favor another framework and get outvoted.

That said after the team stabilizes I would love to hire interns and junior devs by the bucket full and show them the light.


Just backing up the claims here of the ease of use of Aurelia. I have been using it since the alpha version back in 2015 and you just cannot beat its ease of use. The company I work for loves Aurelia because we can pump out apps in a crazy amount of time.

While other frameworks and libraries take a more functional programming direction, the biggest selling point of Aurelia to me is the concept of a view-model using classes and views using HTML. It’s simple and a match made in heaven.

It is honestly impressive how efficient you can be in Aurelia once you understand the basics.


Please give it a try and give me your feedback.

Looks like the default sort order is oldest to newest. I think newest at the top is more intuitive, but at the very least the ability to toggle the sort direction would be nice.

Great to see this though! Hope it continues to grow.

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Update: there was a slight re-org and hiring on my team had been briefly frozen. I’m really hurting to people so I’m pushing hard to get this moving. Another team in the company has stated interest in hiring some Aurelia talent so I’ve passed along the interested parties to them. Still no public job listings, I wish I could post something to the board.