Aurelia Karma Jasmine setup

Hi everyone!
I have a problem with unit tests on the project. It’s a pretty old project and nobody wrote and launched unit tests on it for a long time. Now we are considering to start doing that but the setup is broken, and tests don’t run. Seems like it’s easier to set it up from scratch or something like that. But I can’t find some examples. I tried to look in “au new” project, but it creates with plain jest setup.
Does somebody know where can I find an example? Or maybe some ideas on what can I do with the existing setup?

While writing this I came to a state where I get only this error:
(And found out that we have a setup something like this: GitHub - Sayan751/test-au-plugin)

16 11 2022 19:27:06.947:ERROR [plugin]: Cannot find plugin "C:\Users\user\WebstormProjects\my-project\node_modules\karma-webpack".
  Did you forget to install it?

But didn’t find out how to get rid of it yet…

Now I also got this error, after updating some packeges

  You need to include some adapter that implements __karma__.start method!

Worst mentioning that we are in the prosses of updating Webpack v4 to v5. Webpack 5 is ready and I tried on both. I suppose I got the closest setup on v5 where I’m getting the next error:

  Stage App Component
    × should render message
      Chrome (Windows 10)
    Failed: Unable to find module with ID: app
    Error: Unable to find module with ID: app

On v5 I got similar situations, where it couldn’t resolve modules.

Thank you in advance for any help!