Problems running Karma tests with au karma

I just started a fresh project generated with the latest aurelia-cli. I’m pretty new to Karma testing so I figured I’d give it a try. Without changing anything from what was generated, calling au karma results in 1 test completed (marked successful) but also the error:

Chrome 68.0.3440 (Mac OS X 10.13.6) ERROR
  "message": "An error was thrown in afterAll\nScript error.",
  "str": "An error was thrown in afterAll\nScript error."

Just running the project myself yields no browser errors, so I think this is something in the generated project setup. I also have no afterAll scripts that I can find anywhere in the project, so I figure it must be something in one of the frameworks.

Looking online, the only similar error I could see was due to a version change in karma-jasmine, but when I upgraded to the latest version of that I saw no change in the behavior.

Cannot reproduce your error with both default esnext and TypeScript apps. Did you customise new app when doing au new? If so, what are the options you chose?