Examples of plugin repositories using webpack

Hi all,

Does anyone have any examples of aurelia plugins bundled using webpack containing global resources such as a value converter? We are trying to get our first plugin library to work, and are having trouble registering a value converter as a global resource. It would be nice to have a working example to draw some inspiration from :slight_smile:


Although some plugins do bundle their code, I don’t see a point in doing so. Just compile your js/ts for different standards and publish as separate files.

As an example

I suppose we don’t actually need to bundle either. I’ll give that a try. Thank you :slight_smile:

I forgot to mentioned that our plugin code is ES6 though. Do you know of any libraries that isn’t typescript and isn’t using gulp (we find it to have too much boiler plate in the build scripts)?

You can use typescript or babel to compile es6 using npm scripts

@MaximBalaganskiy: I got it working. Thank you :slight_smile:

For anyone interested:
Using babel (in package-scripts.js):
babel src/ --out-dir dist/
with UMD module format (in .babelrc.js):
"modules": 'umd',
I was then able to register my filter as a global resource(from within the plugin code)