Aurelia Materialize Bridge user census

Let’s count the heads, guys! MaterializeCSS is in a turmoil at the moment.
I need to understand where we’re heading with the bridge.
I could as well be the only one who’s using it :slight_smile:


We use it in our application but are currently switching over to Aurelia UX.


I use it in several projects. What’s happening with Materialize CSS?

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The owners are unresponsive. One maintainer forked the project to at least give it another chance. Not sure at all where this will end

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I switched to the Material Components from Google itself.



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We had to use vanilla material lately when creating a new page. But will look into it soon again to compare vanilla material vs eg material bridge and maybe aurelia-ux with some material design guided sugar coating

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The new MDC bridge has matured to v1. I would like to encourage everyone still using amb to consider switching as it will be retired soon.


We started down the road of switching to Aurelia UX, but after I saw the work Max was doing with the MDC bridge, we decided to go that direction. It was a relatively painless switch, especially with the form controls. The hardest part was removing all the row, col, s1, s2, etc classes from our layouts as we used it everywhere. I replaced most of it with pure css grid classes but did actually copy the row and col classes into our projects as it will take time to convert everything.

A big thanks to Max for coding this bridge !!


We have a non-trivial (and nice) app with AMB. I don’t want to switch to another. I love Aurelia and AMB.

Thanks for your contribution.

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Well, the reality is Materialize framework is abandoned. There is a fork created by other devs but not sure how successful it will be. Anyhow, it is hugely out of date compared to current Material Design Principles.
We have just one app still using it, and once it’s converted, the bridge will not be supported anymore.

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I understand. We’ll switch to the MDC bridge when we abandon AMB.

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Thank you Max very much for your work on the bridge.

We’ve used Aurelia on 4 large enterprise projects successfully and I really love it, but the lack of good supported modern UX libraries forces us to consider alternative options going forward. Our clients demand nicer UI, and it is beyond our capabilities to develop all the controls needed by ourselves, with perfect styling, animations etc. We’ve tried some other UX libraries, but they either lack in quality, or they are too complex to adopt (for example, Fluent UI by MS would be a better match for us, but having to implement Aurelia wrappers to React wrappers is a bit of overhead).

I’m now testing your MDC bridge and usability of Material Design for desktop-first web apps in general, and I really hope it will be an acceptable way forward.

1 Like might be another candidate once it’s mature

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You can use any modern day stuff directly without effort.

Material design web components by google.

Ionic components.



material design bootstrap for bs5

I had a look at material web components and fast previously. They are still alphas and not complete sets. I would not use them at the moment.

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I looked at some.

  • Material Components for the web

    • CSS based
        <div class="mdc-form-field">
               <div class="mdc-checkbox">
                   <input type="checkbox"
  • Aurelia MDC

    • Aurelia 1 bindings (2 in plan)
    • based on the Material Components for the web
      <mdc-checkbox checked.bind="checked"> 
         <label>Click Me!</label>
  • Material Web Components

    • based on the Material Components for the web

    • how to use it with Aurelia?

       <mwc-button id="myButton" label="Click Me!" raised>
  • Fast

    • Aurelia 1/2 bindings

       <fast-design-system-provider use-defaults>
        <fast-button click.trigger="onClick()">
            Click Me!
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