Material Web Components bridge

Just published the first alpha of yet another MDC bridge :champagne:

Not all the components are wrapped yet, but most are.
At the moment, the demo app ( source ) is the only documentation and I’m planning to fill it with more examples and instructions.

How is it different to an existing

  • packages are published
  • wrapping is done via adapters which allows for better integration

All this is done to eventually retire Aurelia MaterializeCSS bridge.


For documentation you can also add MarkDown files to your repository at and under the packages level named README.MD and add documentation there for instructions.

Added some markup to the repo. Mostly reworked Angular MDC files.

Will target aurelia 2 ? Will it be web components or normal custom elements ?

Will convert to Au2 once it’s released. Original MDC components are not web components. The bridge is just a set of Aurelia wrappers around them.

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I have a lot of different imps for many different frameworks under my personal.

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