Aurelia minimum setup

What minimum javascript setup need for Aurelia app?

When I use CLI “custom project”, I am still getting some staff I don’t need at this moment. I would like to try to go step by step with as minimum as possible.

For example at this moment I have just index.html file in my project, what I need to add to get Aurelia to work?

I think I can learn better when I will be “forced” later to add some other dependencies when I need.


Since Aurelia uses several NPM/NodeJS packages, you will need at least a bundler and a transpiler. During the creation of a custom project using the Aurelia CLI, the options for the bundler and the transpiler seem to be the only options that require a specific choice; all other options during custom project creation can be disabled by selecting “none”.

As far as I can see, this actually results in the bare minimum project setup for Aurelia. I guess you and the Aurelia framework actually need everything that is generated this way. But I am not an Aurelia core team developer, so perhaps I am mistaken. I am also very curious about this myself.

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This answer may be able to help you get going with very simple setup Aurelia Script - Isn't it supposed to be dead simple? - #14 by bigopon

It’s based on aurelia script, basically a pre-bundled file of all core Aurelia modules, with some convention/patterns so that it works with the core plugins. You can have a look here GitHub - aurelia/script: The home for Aurelia's concatenated script-tag-ready build.

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That’s very interesting. :sunglasses:

But I saw that the last change in the GitHub repo was in August 2019. Is it still up to date with the current state of v1?

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Yes, everything in that setup is still usable, at least I believe so :grinning: