Aurelia perf example: Sierpinski triangle

Online demo:

Github repo:


Well mister… this is all great… But how would I know what that is?
Please, add a small note on what it is and why it is so cool.

60fps without ‘have fun’ and 40 with… on my machine…
pretty awesome.

Although I still don’t understand what it is…

I was reading a comment somewhere saying that he / she is not going use Aurelia as long as it doesn’t have virtual DOM, and today I got a friend showing me example of the same thing done in React, pointing out the superior performance of React Fiber compared to previous version. ( and repo So I made Aurelia version of that.

That said, I agree with you, @Alexander-Taran, I don’t think I can understand what it is either without the above context.

Ah… so you mocked the guy? saying we had all the cookies from the start?
I think The team had performance on their minds from the get go.
Sad that his demo does not have ‘have fun’ checkbox.

Can’t understand how have fun works…
It changes seconnds… but there are no dependency on seconds in tick.
Can you explain, please?

Ah… never mind… it is passed down the line.
Got it.

My friend (@jsobell) is not the owner of that repo. His friend showed him that so we made it.

I wonder if we clone it and modify to have that button… what would the perf be.
Any guesses?

do you think
background: this.state.hover ? '#ff0' : dotStyle.background
this is intentional? like not using .dot:hover and doing it in code?

ok that is intentional. Because they reuse it in dot text

I left a question there asking about performance:
Let’s see what they say

That could only end one way…
!!! Relegious war !!!

well … starting war cannot bring fun, let’s be dark matter devs / community

And i thought they said there is nothing like “bad PR”… (-:

How does one work out the fps?

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Well what should I say … you bad boy :wink:

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no response so far to the issues.