Aurelia vs Vue.js


Any thoughts would be appreciated =)


Aurelia is heavily standards-based. It is intentionally designed around next-generation web standards, like WebComponents and ESNext. So, by investing time in Aurelia, you are investing in the future of the open web.


Im pretty comfortable with Aurelia. Just wish there is a quick and dirty way to get started without npm installs. Maybe there is and I m not aware of it. It would be nice to download some bundle and go to town. Do you know if there is such a thing?

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I always use the CLI so I have no experience with this, but:

Version 1.0.2 of Aurelia is hosted on CDNJS

And you can probably use the files from the index of or clone this to try out something in the browser.

I guess these files are built from, but I am not sure about that.

Hope this helps.




@erik.lieben I just found your post, being curious about the aurelia - vue comparisons; imagine my surprise finding aurelia hosted on cdn. I am pushing for this for more than a year and just because I really respect @EisenbergEffect, I did not go ahead to do this myself. This is a fantastic piece of the infrastructure for all of the planned work in the Get Aurelia Great project. In particular, besides creating the Aurelia Community website to be a parallel to aurelia with the documentation written by community members, I will also propose to this same community team to write for cdnjs tutorials site.


I had an opportunity to work with both. Vue is fantastic. It is small, well documented, working, fairly easy to understand. But I love Aurelia as well. It took some time to set it up, documentation covers just tip of an iceberg, but once you have a good structure and you manage to go a little bit deeper in understanding how it works, it really pays off. We’re using it for quite a huge project and were able to do localizations, animations, messaging in-between modules and unit testing easily and in quality, that I never saw anything like it.

So I would pick Vue for smaller projects, especially when you don’t want to deal with NPM, building, compiling and stuff, yet you want something expressive and powerful. If you are going to build big/enterprise application I would pick Aurelia.


@tomasbonco would you be amenable to lead the community wide project (meaning that you get the needed collaboration from other volunteers) in the category “Aurelia versus other frameworks”, which should be a part of the Get Aurelia Great “movement” that I am trying to organize?

Comparisons with other similar frameworks is sourly missing - and it should be done by the community members (read application developers), as the core team members would always perceived as too biased, and not all of the core team members are application developers first and framework developers second.


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I’m familiar with Aurelia, and am reviewing the latest vue and react.

It seems that vue has grown to be similar to Aurelia in many ways.

A few notables:

  • both are component oriented and use templating
  • with vue you can also implement a render() function like React if you want.
  • vue has a specific story for how parent components communicate to children, and visa versa (Aurelia can do this with data binding and events as well as other options).
  • vue has a similar simple global event bus as Aurelia EventAggregator.
  • vue also has vuex for state management if that’s your thing - I’m not sure if there is an Aurelia-specific similar solution


Yes very soon

and it’s on the Aurelia 2018 Roadmap


I used Aurelia 1st. It’s quite nice. But I like Vue much more. Much faster to get up and running and everything I’ve tried to build has been easier than it was compared to Aurelia or Angular.


Aurelia vs Vue is comparing Apples to Oranges. One is a fully-featured framework and one is a library. Both can achieve similar things, but they are very much different in many aspects. Aurelia adopts a reactive based approach to its binding system, Vue utilises a virtual DOM like React. I have worked with Aurelia a lot and I have done a bit with Vue, both are great. I don’t think one is better than the other.