Aurelia roadmap

Is there a place where I can find something like a roadmap for the development of Aurelia? What I am mainly interested in, is what features are being worked on. For example, I know that server-side rendering has been in the pipeline for a while, but I was wondering what the status is thereof? Is there any such roadmap document?


I discussed it in here we need aurelia ux tutorials but nothing yet !

Regarding the roadmap implementation of the server-side rendendering I found this link:

Hi there
Any news regarding server side rendering as this feature available on other top JS framework however still not available in Aurelia


Maybe @EisenbergEffect can say something here? :slight_smile:
Do you need support from the community at some point? Maybe someone is willing to tackle this for you

This would be very helpful for my team. We currently use Angular but would like to switch to Aurelia as soon as certain features become available. Knowing whats in the works could help us plan our transition. We’d also know where to lend a hand.

I’m working on a roadmap for 2018. We’ll post it on the official blog near the beginning of the year :slight_smile: