Aurelia vNext wishlist

We know that Mr. @EisenbergEffect and his awesome team are working on the next version of Aurelia.

An experimental re-working of Aurelia, oriented around compile-time reflection and code generation.

Aurelia experiment

After working 1 year with Aurelia (though I still do not know anything) I wish we have some features in Aurelia natively.

  1. bundler-friendly aurelia a great topic is started by @obedm503
  2. after attached lifecycle callback, a great plugin that helps us to make AureliaToolbelt better.
  3. Child routers It should be a native aurelia-router feature.
  4. Lazy-loaded routes.
  5. AOT (I know you are working on it)

What is your opinion?

Thank you for making me able to work with client-side as I wished. :wink: :slight_smile:

Long Live Aurelia.

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Can someone create a guide / skeleton to start trying out the next version?
Looks like all the binding behaviors are implemented, so it should be ready to for “open beta” (in a sense).

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