Aurelia Skeleton ts core 2.0

As they said we have only to download the project than press F5 and the site would work. It doesn’t.

Here the errors:

if someone could help i agree :smiley:


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Hello Andrea,

These net core skeletons, at least the one you linked to, are quite outdated. Instead of trying to fix those skeletons I would instead recommended trying to use the Aurelia CLI.

You could also try cloning either my repository aurelia-dotnet-template or MaximBalaganskiy’s “AureliaDotnetTemplate” (can’t link more than twice on a new account, I have a link provided in my repo to his ontop of the README) and see if that’s what you’re looking for. Both these repositories use Webpack 4.

If you don’t like Webpack I would try using the CLI and see if some other setup provided there suits your needs better.