Aurelia-slick-grid error

I’m attempting to create a very small test application using aurelia-slick-grid, but I’m getting an error:

ERROR [app-router] TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property ‘dataset’ of object ‘#’

The app is using Typescript and the built-in bundler. It can be found here:

Any thoughts?


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One thing I noticed looking at your slickgrid .ts/.html is that you’re binding 2 properties (columnDefinitions and gridOptions) in your html, while these do not exist in your typescript class. Perhaps that is causing some issues?


I was about to write exactly the same thing as what @tristanh just pointed out, both Column Definitions and Grid Options must be passed for Aurelia-Slickgrid to work properly.

If you want to start with a basic project, I would suggest you to clone the Aurelia-Slickgrid-Demos and/or follow the HOW TO - Step by Step and this is all written in the project readme installation section of the GitHub homepage.


Sorry, I was creating this test app from another app, and didn’t merge the typescript file correctly. I have updated the typescript file to have gridOptions and columnDefinitions; however, I’m still getting the same error. I did not start by cloning the Aurelia-Slickgrid-Demos repository, but I was attempting to follow the How To - Step by Step guide. I’m sure that I just missed something. I’ll keep at it. Thanks for quick response.


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I think I found your issue.

Did you by any chance forgot to configure aurelia to load the aurelia-slickgrid plugin?
I’m missing the following line in your main.ts:

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That was another stupid mistake on my part when trying to upload a simplified example; however, I don’t think that it was the ultimate issue. I think that the issue had to do with what I had (or didn’t have) in the aurelia.json file. I restarted my test using a webpack setup and was able to get it running. I also went back and tried another project using the built-in bundler. I got that working as well, but I need to learn more about how the bundlers work, as this is causing most of my issues/confusion. Thanks again for the quick responses.


Glad to see you got all of that resolved with @tristanh help (thanks for that).
If you’re a happy customer, then don’t forget to upvote the lib :star: :wink:

and as a side note I actually just did another small patch release to add some small excel export options, version is now at 2.17.5.