Aurelia-Slickgrid reached full test coverage - might write blog post

I might turn this quick post into a blog post if I see interest.

I’m quite happy to announce that I just reached this week a major milestone, I just reached full test coverage in Aurelia-Slickgrid (see the demo site) :rocket: . I’ve been developing Aurelia-Slickgrid (and Angular-Slickgrid) for the past 2 years. I have been constantly adding new functionalities since then, but I also started adding Unit Tests with Jest sometime during the Spring of this year (about 8-9 months ago).

Some Statistics on Testing

  • 99.5% test coverage actually reached 100%
  • 150 files tested
  • ~8000 lines of code tested
  • ~2300 unit tests
  • a few Cypress E2E tests but the bulk are Jest Unit Tests

What is Aurelia-Slickgrid you might ask?

It’s basically a datagrid, but it’s a wrapper on top of the popular SlickGrid jQuery library (if you know ag-grid, well they basically got a big chunk of their ideas from SlickGrid when they started). However, there’s a big distinction between SlickGrid and Aurelia-Slickgrid, there’s a reason why there’s over 8000 lines of code to test. I added a lot of functionalities on top of the core library (OData/GraphQL Services. Excel Export, i18n support, Bootstrap theme, written in TypeScript… just to name a few).

Aurelia-Slickgrid is fully Open Source, I am not paid to develop it (though I had couple of contributions, thank you) and I only use Aurelia on personal projects. We sadly use Angular at work, and we needed a license free datagrid and not much was available at the time (and even now). I used SlickGrid few years back and started looking at the possibility of doing a wrapper in Angular… and so Angular-Slickgrid (for work) and Aurelia-Slickgrid (for pleasure) were born and greatly expanded since then.

As of now, Angular-Slickgrid has (166) :star: while Aurelia-Slickgrid (45) :star: I would be happy to get more interest on the Aurelia side :wink:

As I wrote on the top, I might expand this quick post into a Blog Post if some of you are interested to know more about this library. But for now, this is just a quick post in sharing this milestone for whoever is using my lib. I’d also be curious to know if any of you are using Aurelia-Slickgrid on big projects? Perhaps more in the future since it’s now fully tested!?!

See below for a print screen of some of the functionalities.


I’d definitely love to see this becoming a blog post and get it published on the official Aurelia one which I’m sure @EisenbergEffect will gladly do.

Having full test-coverage is a major milestone and should be treated with all respect so I headed to the repo to give it a star, just to realize I already did quite a while ago :wink:
Awesome work, i sadly didnt yet have the opportunity to use it for a larger project but its definitely on the list should the need ever come


We’d absolutely love to feature this on the official Aurelia blog @ghiscoding If you are interested, feel free to email me at rob at bluespire dot com. All we need is a writeup in markdown and I can get it into the lineup.


haha yeah you did a few months back, I think that was when you asked me some questions about the grid for your project.

@EisenbergEffect @zewa666
I’ll write up something then, give me a week or so and I’ll email you the writeup in markdown. Quick note about the article, it will be about the lib in general, unit testing will be just briefly mentioned.

Question… I wrote a PowerPoint (about 15 slides) for a tech talk at work I did few months back, it’s written for Angular (bcoz of work) but I can easily convert it to Aurelia. Should I send that over too as an extra reading/download or would that better off separate? There’s a few print screen about grid and tech used and some code samples in that PPT.

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I gave it a star a while ago and I proposed it at work. :slight_smile:

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@ghiscoding There’s no rush. Whenever you have time is great. If you want to also attach a slide deck, some might find that useful, but don’t feel obligated in that regard.


@EisenbergEffect I sent an email last weekend, let me know if that didn’t work, I had couple of small questions to finish up the article. Happy to be soon featured on the Aurelia Blog :slight_smile:


@ghiscoding Congratz on the post! :+1:

I will definitely keep your project in mind when we need some kind of grid.


Thanks to the Aurelia Blog and Discourse, since I wrote this first post about a month ago and then a Blog Post, I got over 30 more :star: , which is awesome… So I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the stars and for the good comments. Writing an Aurelia Blog Post is a really great opportunity and is also really interesting in finding new libraries, tools and tricks we might have missed otherwise. So thanks to @EisenbergEffect and the team.

Also just in time for the holidays, I have literally just released 2 new features that I’ve been working on for the past 3 weeks, Cell Menu (aka Action Menu) and Context Menu in Aurelia-Slickgrid, go check them out and read more about them in the new version release.

Happy Holidays everyone and can’t wait to see Aurelia 2 in 2020 :rocket:
I think they wanted to release Aurelia 2 in 2020 so that all the 2’s are aligned hehe

Cheers all :santa: