Aurelia-Slideout Working Example?


I discovered aurelia-slideout. The original slideout.js looks exactly what I need. Unfortunately, the documentation with aurelia-slideout covers only installing it and configuring it in aurelia.json.

Has anyone got a simple (or complex) working example?

Thanks in advance.

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Very cool. Never used it. Looks like you can do <nx-slideout></nx-slideout> to add it to your app. It has the following bindable attributes which control the Slideout options

  • duration?: number;
  • fx?: string;
  • padding?: number;
  • tolerance?: number;
  • touch?: boolean;
  • side?: ‘left’ | ‘right’;
  • closeOnClick?: boolean;

If you need more personalized help, please reach out to me individually.

Hi @davismj. thanks for your reply. While I’ve got a bit further with your help I’m still not able to get it working. Any chance you can knockout a quick working example? Thanks in advance. Wayne

Hi @davismj

I’ve raised on issue ( on github, posing a question to the author but so far I’ve had no reply.

I’d appreciate any more help you could supply on this.