[Request] Aurelia + Nativescript 5+


Can anyone help me to use Aurelia and Nativescript 5+ together? Is it possibe or we should wait for vNext?

Please somebody share an updated skeleton for this. (Typescript will be better)



vCurrent integration with anything that is not HTML isn’t pretty. It was not designed for that purpose. It theoretically can work, but with a lot of work. I’ll probably soon kick start vNext integration with NativeScript to a point where you and other community members who are interested can take over. At the moment, renderer APIs seem to be in good shape for this.


We want to start a new project so we can not use Aurelia. :frowning:


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@bigopon - Question for you on this. I’m interested in helping out with the creation a Nativescript-Aurelia plugin. Were you able to make much progress on a vNext integration?

I came across this repo: aurelia-vnext-nativescript and it looks like you started something.

I’ve spent the last year and a half working through a large project with Nativescript-Vue and I am the creator and primary maintainer of a Vue CLI plugin that allows you to share web and native code in a single project.

Before I started down the NS-Vue path, I did almost everything in Aurelia, but switched to Vue because of the Nativescript integration. I’d like to explore being able to move back to Aurelia for one code base and I’m willing to help out.


Hello @jawa-the-hutt ! Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We’d love to have NativeScript support in Aurelia 2. We’ve done a ton of work in the new version to abstract rendering and make it easier to build integrations like this. The repo above was mostly a proof-of-concept/early design to help with the core architecture. We really need a dedicated team member with NativeScript experience to focus solely on that work, if we want to make it happen “for real”. It sounds like you might be the right person :slight_smile: If you don’t mind, let’s have a chat over email and go into some more detail. You can reach me at rob at bluespire dot com. I look forward to hearing from you.


@EisenbergEffect, I sent you an email this morning so we can discuss this further. Thanks!