Bcx-aurelia-reorderable-repeat across lists

When reordering objects across two or more lists, is there a way to find the object which has been dragged/dropped?
There is the reorderable-after-reordering callback, but this only receives the list after the change.

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Sorry, not very easily.

I lazily skipped multiple lists case when implementing the 2rd parameter “change”, because I didn’t have a clean way to represent the use case. If you create a github issue, I will get back to that.

Right now, when across lists, two callbacks will be fired. One for the source list, one for the target list. If you use different methods for the two callbacks, you will have better chance to digest the data.

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bcx-aurelia-reorderable-repeat v1.3.0 now provides 2nd argument to after reordering callback. It’s documented with code example https://buttonwoodcx.github.io/doc-bcx-aurelia-dnd/#/multi-lists .

Note both source list and target list (the two can be same) will receive a callback. There is additional information in change object for you to find out if you are in source list or target list.