Aurelia 2 with Dragula

I’m posting this here as the comment system seems to be broken on the original article

While it’s cool that Dragula just works, I would like to see a real world scenario. The example is far too simple. I would love to see how easy it would be to have an array of draggable items on the view model be updated when the drag occurs. Re-arranging items in a list box would be common use.

More advance would be moving items from 1 list box to another

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As with most of these libs you get all sorts of events. E.g starting a drag, dropping an Item etc. So from there just pick the idx and re-arrange your models in your array. Wrappers generally handle that specific part like the Aurelia dragula wrapper for v1.

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I understand, but the example as it stands is kind of silly IMO

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Well silly is a hard word but granted its a very basic scenario :wink:

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I am going to migrate bcx-aurelia-reorderable-repeat from Aurelia 1 to Aurelia 2.


I too would recommend bcx-aurelia-dnd/ bcx-aurelia-reorderable-repeat.

We migrated to that from dragula a couple of years ago and it is far superior in an Aurelia context.