Better know a framework #5 markdown views

Have you ever needed to use markdown as your view template?

# ${message}

export class App {
 message = "Hello from markdown"

well here is how you can do it with CLI based app (require | systemjs )


wow cool idea. Definitely something for my next presentation.

@Alexander-Taran Do you have a blog or somewhere (other than this Discourse site) you’re posting all of these?

No. For the purpose of gathering knowledge and easing up newcomers into aurelia I’ve created an organization on github.
Where we could dump all this little tricks that can’t find it’s way to official docs.

Blogs and plugins are scattered all over the world. And are hard to stumble upon.
That’s why I post the interesting finds here.
I’m also thinking that we as a community should try to gather everything in one place…
Like electron-userland.
And help each other and the core team to maintain it in relevant state.

Author of aurelia-open-id-connect plugin recently transfered this project to us. Because he does not have time to maintain it. Does not want to lock others out of contributing. But in a discussion with core team we decided that it’d be a burden on the core team to support it as well. So contributors are welcome.

Man can dream about all the cool plugins and other useful stuff can be accessible in one place.
And referenced in one doc.
There was an idea of aurelia registry… but I guess it is unmaintanable. To much steps.

In one of dotnetrocks podcasts recently or hanselminutes, there was an idea: give people something to like and they will figure out the rest.

I am trying to achieve that.
Give newcomers something to like about Aurelia.
And help seasoned developers to discover hidden gems.

Those willing to join us are welcome.


I have seen this before:

Are you working on something else?

Yes I’ve seen it… It is awesome. Don’t want to duplicate it. I’d rather incorporate it but have not approached the maintainer yet.

Do you know him?

No, I don’t know the maintainer, but it looks like he’s the author of the new book “Practical Aurelia”

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Ok now here is something to blow your minds. I remember seeing this video before, but did not remember the thing about markdown.

skip to about 34 minutes in

Where @EisenbergEffect augments aurelia’s view engine to handle mark down views inside app.

And if you will watch it further you will get your mind blown (-:

I was looking for that video to answer a question on SO

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