(challenge) Now do you know the framework?


first homework assignment is to get into a fight with a complete stranger and lose

Now there are 440 unanswered questions on stackoverflow.

Most of them - you don’t even know how the hell people ended up there (-:

The challenge is to have them at least answered. Without answer being accepted.
Just because we care about fellow developers.

Bonus mission: nudge them this way. To discourse.


I’ve checked in on SO a few times, and opened up a question to see if I can help, only to realize that someone already posted a good answer, but the original asker never came back or never accepted.


we can do it c’mon… It’s already 9 less then yesterday.

Thanks to those who helps on it (-:


are we there yet?

keep going!!!


I think it’s also important to think about asking and answering questions we already know the answers to as well… this is explicitly encouraged by StackOverflow. Since StackOverflow is often the first place developers go for answers, and because it gets great placement on Google search, I think this would be a decent way to share knowledge.