Need a your Comment... About Aurelia

Hey Guys…

Now a days i am working as Dotnet Developer and want to switch my job as Full Stack Developer. I started learn various JS frameworks and got selected in one organisation.

I suppose to work there on “Aurelia js framework” + Web API

Kindly guide me, How much potential aurelia JS does have as compared to other(Angular,React,Vue) JS framework, in architecture, future and career perspective.

Should i choose Aureliya as my career skill set or go with Angular or React…??

Need a your Comment…:pray:

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You will only get opinionated comment here. This is Aurelia fans room. :smile:

Try every frameworks you mentioned, for at least something beyond todo app.

We like to read others’ comments, but in the end, only your own thought matters most to you.

Try them all also broad your experience, it is good for your skill set and general understanding on JS world. At least you know how to talk about why you prefer this way than other way during your interview. :slight_smile:


Thanks … huochunpeng for your time.

i will definitely go through mentioned JS frameworks.

More replies are welcomed from experts… :slight_smile:

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Ask yourself, what makes a Full Stack Developer? Is that somebody who knows MVC ASP.NET + Angular? Or is it someone with experience in NancyFX + React. Or scratch all of that and pick hand-rolled .NET Core with your custom rolled HTTPStack + Aurelia?

In my opinion it’s none of all. Learning APIs is never the way to improve your career long term. Bet today on React and tomorrow it will be Vue. Bet on Vue and tomorrow it’s going to be Svelte. Bet on Svelte and tomorrow … well who knows what happens tomorrow.

Ask yourself instead whether it wouldn’t be better to understand the concepts behind the mentioned frameworks and being able to pick whatever is needed and still getting the job done?
Your career can be boosted by the selection of a framework, but it’s made out of your overall experience. And as a FullStack Dev that includes a heck load more stuff than merely picking a frontend/backend framework :wink:


Unfortunately, checking out all frameworks will probably take a veeery long time. If you’re new to frontend I would recommend Aurelia because it has lower entry fee and mostly non visible in day-to-day use. Just rxjs alone in angular might give you headaches. Having said that make sure you check out angular later in your career.

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