Change.delegate fires constantly

I have a field in my form where I am adding some testing to get new and old values.

This is so I can enable the save button when a change is detected.

When I load the data, the change.delegate keeps firing, even though I have not focused the field or changed the info in it.

I am at a loss.

This is my html:

<input type="text" value.bind="customerRecord[0].customer.ssn1" 
                                            focus.delegate="this.origSsn1 = this.value" 
                                            change.delegate="hasChanged(this)" name="ssn1" id="ssn1">

and this is my js function:

    console.log( 'oldVal', textBox);
    if ( textBox.origSsn1 != textBox.value )
           console.log( 'new value found');
    return true;

I can’t figure out why it’s firing constantly.

I have also tried: