Choosing Right Javascript Development Framework: Is AureliaJS a Good Choice Over AngularJS?

When you are trying to the primary benefit is that, it is easy to learn for users with preceding revel in on Angular or KnockOut you may discover whilst the use of Aurelia as your SPA framework encompass:

  • Aurelia has no dependencies.
  • It permits the programmer to code components with plain Javascript. Bonus part, you can use ES6, Typescript, old Javascript Code, CoffeeScript, etc.
  • Aurelia applies imparting & unsophisticated conventions to decrease the amount of code developers exigency to jot down and conserve.
  • It utilizes dependency injection so Programmers can without problems do the test with their additives, for example, the usage of Karma + Jasmine.
  • Aurelia is 100% complaisance and transposable. Developers may desire, to write their own plugins, custom elements & components.
  • Aurelia is amenable to new requirements.
  • Aurilla is brace with Microsoft TypeScript official language.

Aurelia is smooth and has high-quality API. even as angular 2 is over-engineered and is tormented by scope creep.


I agree with everything that you’ve said here. Your last line really resonated with me though.

angular 2 is over-engineered

I actually wanted to see what modern Angular was like these days, so I downloaded the CLI and scaffolded an Angular 6 (or whatever the latest version is) application. For a simple hello world style application, it was huge.

My intent was to build a simple application and then profile it against an Aurelia application. I ended up giving up, it was too frustrating and I had to consult the documentation a lot to learn Angular’s verbose way of doing things. It requires a lot of code to do basic things. I am not the world’s best developer, but I am not inexperienced, I’ve shipped code into production before and I am not ashamed to admit that I struggled.

Why does it require 4 files to build a simple view? You need a module file, the view-model, the template and a stylesheet. Not only that, but you need to specify the resources in a weird configuration like way. And just like Angular 1, conflicting terminology (Provider, Injector, Service).

Aurelia is seriously underrated and while I am biased, I’ve felt this way since 2015. I am ruined, I have no desire to want any other framework or library, it’s Aurelia or nothing for me.


There is no way back once I’ve tasted the good stuff :slight_smile: