CI Builds in Azure with .NetCore/Aurelia hybrid app

I’m pretty much a noob to much of what I’m about to describe – so be patient. :slight_smile:

I’m using VS2017 and created a ASP.NET Core 2.1 MVC Project. I then added Aurelia using the Aurelia-cli au new --here. I chose the WebPack option with Sass targeting the .NetCore framework and no specific editor.

I got my project working locally! (Wahoo) I pushed my code to my MS DevOps Git repo. Now I want to set up CI from my repo to an Azure Web App Test Slot. However, I’m confused as to go about this as I have both a .NetCore build that needs to happen as well as an Aurelia build.

Are there any walkthroughs about how to set up Pipelines for a .NetCore/Aurelia hybrid application?

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