Getting Started with .Net Core WebAPI and Aurelia

I am pulling my hair out trying to create a new project in VS. I want a WebAPI project that will serve up both the API data as well as the Aurelia front-end.

I use both VS 2017 as well as VS 2019 and I can’t get this to work in either.

I’ve tried creating a .Net Core API project in both VS 2017 and VS 2019 and then running au new --here in the directory with the project. This works, but doesn’t add any of the plumbing to Startup.cs in order to handle SPA files.

I’ve also tried just running au new and letting that generate my entire solution. This adds some extra “plumbing” (routes.MapSpaFallbackRoute) but when I run the project, I get an error

clean-webpack-plugin only accepts an options object. …

I don’t recall having this much trouble in earlier versions of the CLI with VS 2017. Has anyone been able to successfully get this working?

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Not CLI but still